Elite Futsal Charleston

  • Initial Team Registration (USYF Membership)

    Step 1: All teams must initially register for USYF membership for coaches and players and wait for approval.

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  • Winter League Team Registration

    Step 2: Once approved, team managers will register their teams here to play in the Winter League.

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  • Individual Player Registration

    If you are a player that DOES NOT have a team, register here.

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

Online Registration

Welcome to online registration! Follow the steps below to register your team for USYF, as well as your local league.

  1. Register your team to USYF by clicking the "Register Now" button for Initial Team Registration (USYF Membership)
  2. After you've registered here, invite coaches and players to register for USYF with your Team Connect page (created upon completing registration at the USYF site).
  3. All coaches will need to have their background check run at the Background Check Registration page. This will be run after coaches have registered.
  4. After completing registration, players will need to upload their player photo and birth certificate.
  5. Once you've completed membership registration with USYF, you'll need to register for your seasonal league to play. Click "Register Now" button to register your team to play in the Winter League or Summer League and complete registration for this seasonal league.

For further questions, please reach out to Stack Sports Support at (866) 892-0777 or candlconnectsupport@stacksports.com.